Humanely Raised. Carefully Grown.

Always outside, with fresh air, sunshine and fresh pasture to roam

Why choose Good Bird chicken?

Modern industrial meat production in America has become less than desirable. It is highly centralized and often degrades the environment. The way we raise our birds helps build the soil quality and our community. We honor the bird and give them space to let a chicken be a chicken. That’s why we created GoodBird Farms.

About GoodBird Farms

There are documentaries, tons of styrofoam and plenty of evidence that shows how the sustainability of industrial foods is questionable.  

Our small farm only raises for local friends and we provide live birds under contract. We process the birds as an amenity before pickup. Click below to read more.

About GoodBird Chickens

GoodBirds are raised outside on pasture where they can forage for grasses, seeds, and anything else crawling by.

The birds are move to fresh pasture every day. They are never vaccinated and receive a non-GMO feed without antibiotics. They are supplemented with kelp meal and natural grit which help provide trace minerals and bird health.

We think a consumer/farmer relationship is vital. Visiting us and your chickens is welcomed.

Other differences between GoodBirds from this Carleton, Michigan farm and conventionally raised chicken are:

  • GoodBirds receive a fresh daily salad bar

  • We invite people to come and visit their birds

  • We don’t market publicly. We focus on pre-ordered and contracted quantities for local friends and families

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Good Birds

Always outside, with fresh air, sunshine and pasture to roam

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